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CORONA VIRUS Covid 19 – TOHASA official statement  – MARCH 2020.


As the chairlady of the Traditional Ozone Healers association of Southern Africa ( TOHASA) I would like to put out an official statement regarding the corona Virus ( Covid-19)  and the anticipated vaccination. 

The CODVID19 vaccination as we understand has been tested on Rural Indian children for the past 5 yeas by the Gates foundation. The challenge and concern fundamentally, is the FDA do not require massive stringent testing to roll this product out. Where is the Scientific research?

There is a lot of pressure from Social media for people to conform with this vaccine rollout. This is basically Medical Bullying. There are many other ways that you can ensure the safety of your own health and that of your family.

  • Social distancing
  • Wash your hands with SOAP, not sanitiser, as you are removing the natural flora from your skin. This may make you just as vulnerable , so stick to soap.
  • If you display symptoms of a cold, i.e. sneezing and coughing DOES NOT MEAN you have contracted the virus. The symptoms are a dry cough – like an irritation in your throat. A runny nose is NOT an indication of the virus. A tight chest also not indicative, but a persistent painful chest  is a reason to check yourself out.
  • If you have access to ozone in the form of a room sanitiser or soap or cream, use this as a further buffer
  • Masks and gloves: please understand that if you keep the same glove on all day its tantamount to NO gloves. Similarly with your mask. its not necessary to wear your mask on at home. Rather wash your hands and be mindful of what you touch. Ie credit card machine buttons, lift buttons, metal walls in taxis and cars
  • If your place of education insists on you presenting a certificate of vaccine, I would suggest you ask that institution what they are doing to keep your area sanitised. This is a choice situation and if you are forced this is against your basic human right. If you feel you are happy to take the vaccine, this is your choice and no one is allowed to judge your freewill. If you choose no vaccine methodology, then choose isolation as your preventative measure but vaccine is not going to suddenly make this virus go away and revert to magically sanitised citie.








If you have any enquiries please rather contact your medical professional OR CALL US ON 0117885764


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The Ozone Association is registered as a chapter of the Natural Healers Association which allows us to be recognized as an alternative modality under the traditional healer’s bill.


Please only purchase treatment and equipment from endorsed members of TOHASA.
Should you NOT do so there cannot be protection from the association. These items are considered medical  equipment and need to fall into compliance with our moratorium. Ozone is considered as a medical therapy and suppliers need to have proper endorsements from the association. If you are unsure that the supplier has these endoresements please contact us for verification.

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The Association is currently in the process of creating self regulating guidelines with regards to protocols, machine specifications and any additional education required.

TOHASA is registered as a chapter of the Natural Healers Association which allows us to be recognized as an alternative modality under the traditional healer’s bill. Our members are required to adhere to a code of conduct and mission statement.We offer our members joint marketing opportunities, access to our panel of Doctors and Professors, expert advice and access to further study material.

Please note that the Traditional Ozone Healers Association of Southern Africa does not endorse the Ozone Tented units and Bath Mat’s as an effective treatment. 

We strongly advise the public to please contact TOHASA before making any decisions on purchasing machines. 

Claims made by certain companies selling the above units cannot be substantiated on a scientific basis and some statements are FALSE.